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Intabia customizes sales

The engine of any business is an effective sales department. Today we are building a systematic approach to sales. Systematics is the comprehensive development and includes the alignment of the work of marketing and PR. It is required to go step by step from the definition of an ideal client portrait, offering proposals, before launching and fine-tuning sales. To do this, you must not only attract professionals and scale their experience but also to develop their own approach, which takes into account the features of our service, allows to fully use our business expertise.

To manage the sales process and monitor its effectiveness, we implement special tools – a CRM system, and services for working with tenders. B2B sales in IT have their own characteristics, for example, the duration of the sales cycle can be several months. But at the sales stage the foundation for successful and long-term customer interaction is laid. During the sale it is determined not only the pricing and financial viability of future projects, but also the interaction at the functional level. Our service starts with the first contact with the client: first we sell expert status, then IT services.

The work of selling the service is not limited to the function of the sales, marketing and PR department, this is the task of the whole company. A key role in increasing sales is performed by production units. The work of managers, team leaders, technical specialists affects sales. Each successfully completed project creates a reputation, enhances the work of word of mouth. Intabia is committed to providing quality service in all functional areas. We believe that this is the key to successful sales.

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