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The Employee recruitment at Intabia: an objective evaluation of interview results

An objective evaluation of professional and personal qualities of candidates allows you to build an effective team. But how can you achieve impartiality in judgment? Analysing a resume of a candidate, asking individual questions, summing up the meeting on the basis of our own feelings and social experience, there is a huge risk to come to a false conclusion and refuse to a candidate with high potential. Such a situation can arise as a result of a decision by one person. The involvement of additional interviewers in an interview process at different times allows to evaluate the candidate from different angles, to see whether changes in his behavior have occurred, in a manner to speak and answer questions.

This procedure reduces the likelihood of screening out candidates with high potential, but also is not without subjectivity. Therefore, an additional tool is required for reliable analysis. Testing integrated in the interview can significantly improve the quality of future employees.

By setting a high standard for staff selection and striving for an objective evaluation, Intabia follows exactly this an interview method. The first stage of an interview includes a conversation with the HR-manager, as well as the test execution. Practically all oral questions are selected individually, based on a candidate’s resume. For open and honest answers we try to create a relaxed atmosphere and in a benevolent manner to discuss not only the professional qualities, but also the candidate’s hobbies in his spare time. At the end of the oral part, testing begins. The candidates are required to pass a test in the relevant professional skills and tested their core values. Why did Intabia decide to test candidates’ life priorities? At Intabia, there is a system of values that brings together honesty, decency, openness, positive and belief in success. These qualities are not imposed by corporate culture, but come from every employee. For comfortable joint work, it is necessary that the future colleague has the characteristics given above. Upon successful completion the first stage of the interview, a candidate is invited for the second stage. The technical meeting is conducted by project team leaders. At the second meeting candidates solve problems and answer oral questions about their skills and experience. In case of successful passage of the technical part, a candidate meets with the company executives. Following two rounds of interview all candidates receive feedback.

As a result of the two-step personnel selection methodology, Intabia has formed and continues to form a team of like-minded professionals who are capable of solving complex business tasks.

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