Intabia supports democratic corporate culture aimed at making work interesting and thrilling.

The working environment is characterized by openness, easy communication, trust and respect for all. We welcome initiative and make non-routine decisions. We work hard and have fun when relaxing.

We hear and heed the proposals of our employees. We appreciate responsibility, ability to work in a team, positive attitude. We believe that the key ingredient for success is the desire to succeed.

We offer

  1. Diverse and interesting work
  2. High level of salary defined by result and not limited on the top
  3. Experience drive at a positive company

Managing professional development

Professional development of employees is our priority. Every half year the employee meets the manager to set professional objectives for next half year and to summarize the results of the previous period. The meetings are informal. For Junior-developers such meetings are held every 3 months during the first year of work.

If you are interested in learning a new technology or switching to another project, we will help. We welcome initiatives for preparing internal workshops. An employee can agree on the task to be studied, prepare and hold a workshop at the company.

We encourage the strive for self-development and increase in professional qualification. We pay for successful certification in key business lines of the Company.

Inside the company we have well established communication and experience sharing which facilitates efficient professional development.

If you do not have commercial experience yet, we will involve you in an internal project during the first 2 months of work. A supervisor will be assigned to you to help you complete the project at a high quality level. When performing this project you will become familiar with modern stack of technology, development process, information systems.

Your first project will be integrated into our internal automation system.

The interview process

Before you are hired we will meet twice.
The first

Includes technical express interview, two tests – general test, Java-core test and organizational part. The first meeting takes approximately 1.5 hours.

After the first meeting we will provide feedback within three days.

In case or success, we will invite you for the second meeting.

The second

The second meeting is a technical interview with team leaders. It also takes approximately 1.5 hours..

Within a week we will offer you the job or, in case of refusal, we will provide feedback.

We do not offer tests
to candidates for
senior-developer and
team lead positions.

Job introduction

For new employees we hold induction briefing to provide information about the Company: strategic objectives, corporate standards, internal policies, traditions, benefits.

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