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Intabia focuses on branding

What is a brand? This is a set of associations and emotions that appear in the mind of a person when touching one of brand attributes. The components of the brand are the company name, slogan, logo, brand colors, distinctive visual elements, phrases, sounds, company values, image and reputation.

Branding is a complex process, precisely because in creating a brand it is necessary to combine and jointly set various components – physical characteristics, psychological perception, the result of activity. A new brand cannot be created simultaneously. You can make fast a physical media brand: logo and corporate identity. Also, you can determine quickly and write down the company’s values, but this is not enough to the brand is associated with these values . That there is an association, it is necessary to follow values, and hence, to form a collective from people who share these values. Image is a part of a brand, but at the same time, as well as a brand is an abstract concept that includes history, traditions, public fame, financial status, social responsibility. Image and reputation are formed gradually, it can take months, and sometimes even years.

We approached the formation of our brand in the following way. We defined values and strategic goals, set a high standard of quality, formed a team of professionals. Today we have launched a new site – the foundation of the brand is ready. Now we need to follow the chosen trend, which – we believe! will lead us to the new well-known stable brand “Intabia”. On this path, “every step is important!”


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