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Intabia — company for comfortable work

The company of the employer is chosen according to different criteria – specialization, size, brand fame, stability, technological stack. In order not to be disappointed in the choice, you need to add criteria that lie in the plane of business values that the company follows. It is the value criteria that will determine whether the company suits you or not.

Teams succeed when participants follow the same life principles. In such teams it is comfortable to work, that’s why they are effective and develop. The groups collected according to the technical competences of the participants are not always well-coordinated, and quickly disintegrate. The explanation of this fact is simple – the discrepancy of key life priorities of employees.

At Intabia, we appreciate the achievement of the goals and work for results, a positive attitude and belief in success, open communication, honesty and decency.

We invite IT-professionals and university graduates to our team.

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