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Intabia has completed another project to automate the project systems deployment

We faced the task of automation of project infrastructure deployment consisting of a CRM system, a call center, a billing subsystem, and 27 external services for the SMSFinance IFC. The choice of tools was stopped on the Docker.

Docker is a container management system that positions itself as the most reliable and convenient way for an environment deployment. The container contains the running application, its environment and dependencies. It’s easy and simply to operate the container: to transfer to another server, scale, and update. For example, to transfer an application to another environment, you simply upload the image to the public docker repository and download it to the server. In Docker, you can quickly create a ready-to-run application. For run the application with a specific set of tools, you do not need to install individual packages, configure the environment, install a Web server. It is enough to run the finished container from the docker-repository. In addition, the docker allows you to configure the number of resources allocated to the application.

The choice of the docker as an automation tool was fully justified. High development speed, low implementation costs, fast connection of new applications and services to the automation system.

The results of the implementation are impressive, the deployment time has decreased from 2 days to 20 minutes. Want to repeat that in your company, please contact us and we will help you!

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