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We increase the portfolio of projects

The past summer for Intabia was not only the time for vacations and opportunities but also for the time of new growth points! We continue to make high-quality software, and now we have new partners: The Federal operator of Express delivery (top-5 in Russia!), the largest Russian petrochemical company, as well as a European school with an online training system. In addition, we have launched a project with a private investor, which brings to the market a new service in the field of financial technology.

Each project is very important for us, because it means the common cause is growing and diversifying, new business areas and partnerships are formed, some of which will become strategic. Development provides an opportunity to expand the team, strengthening it with new creative employees. The Sales Department works dynamically – it has gained momentum and sets the company the task to set up a continuous launch of new directions. And this is a really creative task! Synchronization of HR work, Sales Department, timely preparation of strong project teams-these are our challenges for the near future. It is difficult, but doable, and we are full of energy and enthusiasm to carry out the tasks. Join us!

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