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The first release of the Risk Engine project works successfully
Risk Engine a tool for optimizing the process of automatic assessment of the solvency of borrowers was put into operation by our business partner IFC ‘SMSFinance’. For more information about the functionality and benefits of the system, see here. We were faced with the task of developing a unique tool and integrating it into the existing system without stopping current business processes. Engineers used a lot of beautiful architectural and integration solutions. They creatively approached the issue of migration of huge amounts of data. We used modern approaches to the development and testing of corporate systems. Step by step the team moved towards the goal. Before starting the system, we had to make sure that when we switch to the new Risk Engine, the system will run smoothly. The team did extensive work to prepare for the launch. And then the hour came – ready, steady, go! As expected, the system works, “the mission is possible”, the indicators are excellent, the business is gaining momentum. These were mainly due to the well-coordinated work of the team ‘Intabia’ and the team of the IFC ‘SMSFinance’. Architects, managers, developers and quality control engineers worked well and smoothly. The challenge was accepted, the task was completed. Thanks to all! moneywater

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