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Intabia pays for sports

Nowadays a lot of companies pay for sport and do it for various reasons. The main motive is a line in an ad of vacancies. If to understand, compensation of expenses for sport is not an unambiguous motivating factor. Paying for sport is a corporate incentive. It motivates those who engage in sport, and at the same time can demotivate those who don’t engage in sport. So, why does the co-worker get more money by compensating for sport, and I don’t get it? Thus, the question arises: won’t it be fair to introduce a monetization of payment for sports.

But we are looking at this question from the other side. Think about how much in common among people who do well in sport and work. Independently of the conditions or circumstances, whether it is about sport, life or work, the same key features are needed for success. People who have sport in their lives, think, work and live differently than everyone else. Sport helps to bring up such qualities as persistent achievement of purpose, insistence and endurance. Those who are used to overcoming themselves in sports, transfer that ability to their work. They know what means common touch. With such people it’s easy to ‘play’ in one team!

Does it turn out that we pay for sport based on pragmatic considerations? Yes, this is one of the reasons, we are a commercial company, and always act according to the rule of ‘win’ / ‘win’. The more successful our employees will be, the more successful the company Intabia will be. Sincerely we wish colleagues all-round development as professional as sports!

The high level is set – there is a multiple winner of the championships of Russia in our team, a prize winner of international competitions, a master of sports in diving – Roman Batygin. There is something to strive for!

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