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Mobile application
Mobile application for issuance of loans

We have implemented Android and IOS versions of the application of the personal account of remote banking. When designing the mobile client interfaces, the onboarding strategy was laid down, i.e. the system tells users what they need to know in order to use the functionality of the personal account as efficiently as possible and increases the chances of successful work.


The mobile application presents the full functionality of the personal account. Customers through the mobile app can register and manage their loans. From the client’s mobile cabinet, you can see loan details, payment history, information about current promotions, loan renewal and repayment functions, information about creation recurring payments. Documents and loan statements can also be requested from your personal account. For user convenience, we have created a mechanism for pop-up notifications. Thanks to integration with Yandex.maps, the system will tell you where the nearest points for offline-loans. These and many other features are now collected in a convenient and ergonomic application.

Mobile application for network of medical clinics

We made a mobile application for a network of medical clinics. The system is designed for online receptions and consultations. The patient through the application can make an appointment, choose a doctor, schedule an appointment, see the confirmation, see the information about the appointment in the calendar, pay for services by card. The system monitors the schedule and at the right time initiates a video call to both the doctor and the patient. After the appointment, the doctor records the results in the patient’s personal card, and the system opens a chat for direct communication with the doctor. If the patient still has questions, he can ask them in this chat. The history of correspondence is saved. X-rays and documents sent by the patient are also filed to the personal card. In addition, the service can ask a question to the Registrar of the system. Timely alerts will remind the patient about the upcoming appointment.


The service works on IOS and Android and functions reliably with 1000 simultaneous video sessions. It provides secure channel with video and audio stream encryption and support for popular browsers.