Intabia specialization areas:
Automation of financial companies.
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Automation of project systems deployment.
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Business directions

The platform for tendering

The largest in Russia portal for tenders.

It consists of more than 30 integrated subsystems.

The task is to provide a full cycle of interaction between the customer and the supplier.


  • Placement of tenders
  • Search of tenders
  • Electronic auctions
  • Contracting
  • History of an interaction
Automated system for the mobile operator

Big Data / Fast Data level system.

Tasks – resiliency, scalability and support for processing a large number of data continuously entering the system.


  • The account of movement of means in customers’ accounts – calls, subscriptions, charges, payments and adjustments
  • Accounting for services provided to subscribers
  • Providing centralized access to stored information
Platform for a quick entry to the digital products market

The platform is designed for a quick enter to the digital products market.


  • Generation of server-side program code according to the specified model
  • Generating the REST API
Automated system for a financial company

The software complex consists of a subsystem of billing, an automated call center, more than 25 external services, and CRM.

The system is intended for loans to individuals.


  • Automatic verification of customer’s vetting, credit risk assessment
  • Remote lending
  • Remote lending repayment
Automation of state property management

The software package provides accounting and management of state and municipal property.

Tasks is to improve the efficiency and quality of land and real estate management.

Accounting capabilities:

  • Subjects of law
  • Initial and residual value of the object
  • Internal structure of a building with preservation of history
  • Reconstructions’
  • Housing stock
  • Cadastral value
  • Proceeds in the context of the relationship, storing and viewing the history of relations
  • Rental Stock and its administration


Back-end technologies
Hibernate, Java, Spring, Play, Cuba
Gulp, Angular, Bower, React
Cloud Formation, Amazon
Liferay, WebSphere
Deploying the environment
Docker, Vagrant, Puppet