Intabia specialization areas:
Automation of financial companies.
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Automation of project systems deployment.
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Experience of our employees is more than 10 years.

During this time we have solved multiple tasks for business automation.

We set strict requirements as to reliability, response, user friendliness and information security of our solutions.

Below is the reference list of the projects where our specialists were involved:

  • Financial statements and sales revenue planning system for a large airline.
  • Platform for interactive foreign language learning. The development is used by government institutions, businesses and individuals.
  • Remote learning management system for a well-known American university.
  • Solution for vehicles inspection for a large Russian insurance company.
  • Automated banking system for Sberbank in Kazakhstan.
  • Automated system for a microfinancial company.


Back-end technologies
Hibernate, Java, Spring, Play, Cuba
Gulp, Angular, Bower, React
Cloud Formation, Amazon
Liferay, WebSphere
Deploying the environment
Docker, Vagrant, Puppet